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Tips on Reducing Clutter and Stress

Do you feel like life is passing you in a whirlwind of drama and plenty of activities? Do you need better days? That probably is not going to happen, but you can make your life much easier by making some few decisions and some lifestyle changes. Here are six organizing suggestions that can help you decrease clutter and our lives.

1. If you have been avoiding doing a task and it keeps nagging at you, it’s time to finish it. By handling the hardest tasks first, this gives you the liberty of going on to doing other things you prefer to do with a clear conscience.

2. Do you get lots of paper coming on a daily basis into your home? You can decide to stop paper stressing you out, taking your up your time and cluttering your space. Get off junk mail lists. A number of companies help to remove people from unwanted mail lists. To find companies that offer such services, search online. You can reduce the total amount of junk mail by over 90{0b6c41bb708b3e00d3176d8ae724b1b120e55aef26b0c84e906ab090b73a9f71} by registering to have my name removed from lists. Reduce the amount of unwanted mails and catalogues you are getting.

3. Reduce clutter in your house and car. Having many things causes stress since it requires effort and time to maintain them and it takes our focus away from anything else we would rather be focusing on. It wastes our time since we have clutter lying around and just can’t seem to find things that we need quickly. You can donate or sell unwanted and unused products.

4. Eliminating debt may reduce clutter if you have been stressing about it. Or should you if you are utilizing your cards to buy things since it’s they are on sale, are a great purchase or too adorable to pass up and you do not need it. Having less is one way of simplifying things.

5. Pay your bills through the internet and also have companies send your statements over the world wide web rather than sending paper invoices. This eliminates the need for writing out checks, using an envelope and a stamp (which saves money) and then placing it in the mailbox. Make a folder on the computer to send the alarms you receive when you are notified by your bank that a bill was paid. This is an excellent method to reduce clutter and simplify your life.

6. Rather than attempting to recall everything you have in your mind, make use of a planner. Take it along with you everywhere you go. This will lessen clutter in your bag, car, on your kitchen countertops, also in your desk because you will not have these little pieces of paper with appointments and notes stuck or all over your house.

Think of all the advantages you get from reducing clutter and simplifying your life. Be focused on your goals as you try making your life easier.

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