Two Days Before the Big Day

April 14, 2019 Off By Fred

In just two days, I’m going to be getting married to the most wonderful person in the world. I never really liked to use the term soul mate, because I thought it was kind of corny and cheesy, but I would consider this woman to be mine. All of the wedding invitations that we got from have been sent out and received, and everyone has sent a notice that they will be coming. We needed this to know how much food and drink we should serve to our guests, as well as how many chairs to get for them all. The wedding is going to be an outdoor wedding, and the weather is going to be clear, without a cloud in sight or chance of rain.

Although I’m excited that the whole thing is happening, I’m a bit nervous. This is a big moment for me, and I’m just thinking about my entire life. I’ll be in a long term relationship with my future wife, and we might even have kids, that we’ll raise and grow older with until we become gray haired and withered. It’s something that people don’t touch a lot on while they’re in their child and teen years, but it hits you as an adult.

My wife is even more worried than me. She’s been thinking a lot about stuff while planning the wedding, and she has been faced with a lot of stress. She wants everything to be just right, and even thought it seems that it will be that way for the big day, she still thinks that there is a chance that something will screw up our entire plans. I keep telling her not to think too much about it, but it still sticks in the back of her mind. All things considered, I think we’ll both be fine and will have a wonderful life.