The Essentials of Wellness – 101

May 6, 2018 Off By Fred

I’m The Epitome Of Honesty

A few days ago, my son asked me if I have ever vomited.

So, I said yes.

My son then asked if it was because I had been sick.
My answer to that was another yes.

He then asked if getting drunk was another reason to throw up.
Puzzled, I looked at him and asked myself what brought this on.

My son is turning 7 in a couple of days. When is the right time to tell your kid, whose barely seven, that life works like that and, yes, his mother may have led an imperfect life just to give him a perfect one, and that he, too, may make the same mistakes when he’s older? I don’t condone bad deeds and I certainly will not let my own child commit them but when it does happen I will be the understanding mother that I always have and help him mend those errors. My son is a terrible liar like most kids are so I told him he’s too transparent and that he better not lie to his own mother about alcohol drinking.

That was all in my head, however. But I did however used my greatest weapon – diversion.
It made think long and hard about the proper ways to broach the subject of alcoholic and drug abuse with my kid.

My partner and I drink on occasion but we never have too much. Gin and tonic for my husband while it’s red sparkling wine for me. My son is fully aware that mommy and daddy are drinking alcohol. Which is why I ready myself for an onslaught of questions my son going to hurl at me the second his eyes fall on my glass.

He’s pretty receptive asking us if he can smell it.

A resounding No, however, when he’s too curious and wants a taste.

I warn him that it will make him very sleepy if he did.
I am fully aware that some parents choose to let their adolescent children take a few sips of alcohol or perhaps bring a bottle or two only if they have some at home. It was a shock however, to see first hand during a girl’s party as she and her friends downed a few bottles of whiskey while her parents watched with glee.

Thankfully, the mom made sure everyone, especially the teens, handed over their car keys before engaging in some heavy alcohol drinking. We decided to sleep on any soft, comfortable horizontal surface available that night. Was it really comfortable though? Definitely not. But did we prevent drunk driving that night? Absolutely.

Let’s face it, a lot of people are against underage drinking but would rather have their kids drink where they are able to supervise them.