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Finding a Good Concrete Contractor

Looking for a concrete contractor who is honest, reliable and qualified for the job can be challenging. Usually, homeowners will be tempted to hire the first company that comes their way without getting the entire picture. For example, waiting until the project is halfway through before asking crucial questions can lead to extra costs and completion delays.

Below are helpful tips you can keep in mind as you choose a concrete contractor:The following are five indispensable tips for choosing a good concrete contractor:Here are five handy tips for picking a reputable concrete contractor:

Past Work

When researching local concrete contractors, make it a point to check their portfolio. Good contractors have a gallery of their latest work that shows prospective clients a clearer picture of their services and what can be expect of them. This will also let you visualize your plans for your home as well and perhaps pick up new ideas.

Company Experience

In general, a contractor with no less than 5 years of experience in the industry has demonstrated reliability and consistency in terms of the work quality they provide. Experienced contractors can also easily give insights and recommendations so that the best possible results can be achieved. For instance, they will be eager to talk to you about one concrete option being more suitable to your backyard patio compared to another option.

General Reputation

Are they nice to you? Do they have an impressive reputation? It’s good to read online reviews, but stick to established third-party websites to avoid fake and biased testimonials. Take note, however, that no contractor will have no negative reviews on them, but you need to focus on the overall opinion of the reviewers, who are typically former customers.

Of course, you can also ask people around you about any companies they may have worked before. Or simply ask your prospective contractor for client references.


In case an accident occurs on the job, you want to be protected from liability. Call the concrete contractor and ask for details regarding their insurance coverage, specifically what type of protection you and your property will receive in case of injuries and damages. Reputable contractors will always have both liability and worker’s compensation coverage in place. Certainly, you need to ask for proof that they are insured and call the insurance company to verify.


When you talk with a prospective contractor, ask for a written estimate on the project. Materials should be included in complete detail, and each one should have an indicated price. Finally, check what specific services you are expected to pay for, what work quality you can expect from them, and how whether you have personal chemistry with the contractor.

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