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Things to Know in Regards to Iran Is Syria

A majority of the people in the population do not know that partnerships in the middle east rarely thrive apart from the one between Syria and Iran. Since the year 1979, Syria and Iran have been in a partnership which has seen both countries benefit a lot from it and also contributed to the shaping of politics in the Middle East. When you consider the manner in which both nations operate politically, you will realize that both have a dictatorial form of government and also one that likes operating independently, without the input of the opposition. A truth that needs to be known is that the manner in which these nations carry out their politics has cemented the relationship between them.

The countries fought together in ensuring that the war that was going on in Iraq would have no effect on their security is this is a good illustration of their common interests. In an effort to ensure that the war did not affect them in any way, they had to act together in fighting the common enemy, which was Iraq. The joint venture that exists between the nations usually reflects a common need and proves that the two have a better chance of standing strong with each other.

These two have been able to come up with objectives and also ways to achieve them due to the mutual trust and interests that they have and as a result, they have been able to survive without aligning with the international and also local calls for them to alter their ways. The Syrian government became largely dependent on the Iranian government to supply it with political and also military resources that they needed, once the current ruler took office. This happened due to the fact that the president was not in a position to ensure that a positive and solid relationship existed between Syria and other Arab nations.

At some point, the two countries signed an agreement which allowed their military men to fight together in the elimination of common threats. Even though these countries have some differences, they have proven that they can work together. Whereas Iran is known for its revolutionary goals, Syria stands out as the epitome of secular nationalism among the Arab nations. The countries have faced international bans due to their ideologies and associations.

Despite all this, they continue to work together due to the strong alliance that they have. During the war between Iran and Iraq, Syria helped Iran by supplying them with some of the resources that they needed whereas Iran has been helping the Syrian ruling party during its civil war. One other thing that has contributed to the cementing of the partnership is that the countries do not get in the way of each other’s interests, and this helps them avoid conflict.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Entertainment